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The Return – A cry and call for Americas Repentance, Revival and Salvation

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There is no true Christian in the Spirit who does not see the future of American Christianity as a bleak one. There is no true follower of Christ who does not see the hand writing of God on the wall.

Time is running out and many don’t yet see it. Days of great gloom awaits, but many believers don’t know it.

I wrote a lamentation epistle on America (still unpublished). In it I spoke about the glory days of, the once Daughter of God. And the position she is in her Father’s sight, I lamented of.

In that article, I did not spare her Christian Churches because the if the Churches had been what it was supposed to be in all areas, sin, darkness and wickedness would not be wallowing up America to a height that True & Pure biblical Christianity in America is a religion on the edge.

For the strength of Christianity in a society is measured by the level at which a nation fears God.

America has fallen from God, I wrote. The daughter of God has put up a fist against God, I lamented.

Which nation has ever questioned the sovereignty of the mighty God of Israel and lived to tell the Story? What man has poked the eyes of God and got away without harm?

Americas fall from God is more than just a fall; it is now a war not just against God but against His purpose. – Johnathan Cahn

One mistake Americans and her Christians will make is to think that elections will ever solve her problems.

America is a divided kingdom and no divided kingdom will stand. Her real enemies are hidden form her and the real issues that concerns her, she knows not.

The things that concerns America are spiritually discerned. Some of the haters of God will be shocked at the future that lies ahead of America.

An example is the recent trend of Pedophilia and the plot to enshrine it as a legal way of life with strong emphasis on the need to embrace it as the new normal.

Some will ask, “How did we get here”? Americans, you got where you are because you became a daughter who despises wise counseling.

The only thing that can follow in a godless society is the rapid decline in all forms of morality to a point that it eventually breaks every man’s heart when they see the amount of ruin which a single disobedience to God can cause.

And I tell you the truth, no one will escape the heat of God’s wrath on a nation. That is the sure normal for a nation that despises the counsel of God. For it is written:

He who despises the word will be destroyed, But he who fears the commandment will be rewarded. Proverbs 13:13

For behold righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

The Hope

For Christianity in America, there is still hope; for Americans there is still grace. For until grace for the gentiles is expired, God will always give every nation an opportunity for a return.

God continues to wait as time passes; Lo! He waits for a repentant nation, and He listens for a cry for mercy and pure revival.

Therefore, the only hope America and Her Churches can get for a fix of the things that concerns America is in Holy Ghost Revival.


About 2 months ago I was privileged to receive a video from a friend about a universal prayer called The RETURN. Initiated by Johnathan Cahn and his team of men and women of God. The RETURN is a Prayer for the Revival of America and Her Christianity. It is not just an invitation to all American Christians, but also a prayer invitation for all Christians in all the nations. For the scripture says;

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. -Galatians 6:2


The day is 26th September 2020. It is a day of many tears and many broken men, broken women, broken youths, broken teenagers and weeping Children.

It is a day of sorrowful passion and should be done in fasting unless for those who are ill.

It is a day like the days of the Nineveh of old. A day when men, women, children, animals fasted for 3 days until mercy was shown.

Nineveh went for 3-days dry fasting; I appeal to my readers who will pray, let us do this prayer more than the said 26th. For some, on the 26th, some for 2-days, some for 3-days, some for 7-days. As much as the burden and the Spirit will take you Christian man, pray for the ever glorious later rain.

This prayer is more than a plea for mercy, it is also a plea for the great awakening of the Christian Church. It is a prayer for Christianity to reclaim the center stage of all nations.

I have seen a vision from God, a promise to do great things in my Church; but I strongly believe that if there is an awakening and it doesn’t cut across the American society, then it is not yet the great awakening. For America means much to Christianity and Israel. The past great works of Her heroes of faith, God and the believers of the nations will not forget. Therefore you Christian who read this post, plan to join us in this prayer on 26th of September as we reclaim America for Christ.

Please, share this message as much possible. Spread the return message across all media Channels and talk about it in your local Churches and do not forget to plan on it.

May the God of Grace give us the grace to pray in Jesus’ name; Amen!

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