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Testimony: How prayer prepared me and gave me the answers for a quiz I was to take

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Brethren, when I publish a testimony about how prayer changed my life or what prayer has done for me, I have just one intent or interest, and that is for men to know that there is victory through prayers. The desire God has laid in my heart for which I testify is for men to make prayer a culture because as we wind down the clock of times, only prayer will sustain the Elects of God.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7


I was just in my final class in college (we call it Senior Secondary School 3 in Nigeria). Our school had a very religious and philanthropic director who was generous to his students. In that time he gave the seniors an opportunity to win cash prizes in three different competitions.

Among the three competitions, I chose the Bible quiz competition. I subscribed to the quiz competition and set in for preparation.

The first thing I did was to tell my mom to buy me quiz books for preparation and after that I went straight to prayers.

Even at a young age I had my praying hours having learnt from my parents ‘the art of private praying’. Every 3:00 PM of the day, I was always in my room making prayers.

I did not go into prayers because I had the need of God’s intervention for the quiz like Christians of today who only remember to pray when challenges come. The older generations and parents have not thought the youth of my God the power of praying hours. The teenagers of my God only know private prayer when they are faced with troubles. Christians of today only know prayers in church but they do not know private prayers and secret alters of tears.

During my praying hours, I would pray many prayers. And when I got to the case of the quiz, I would ask God for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a retentive memory.

One striking prayer that I prayed was for God to lead my mom and direct her decision so that she would buy the exact book from which the quiz questions will be set. I don’t know how I knew it, but I believe that there is grace for all Christians who pray. Many times we want to pray for a particular situation in our own words, but the Spirit of supplications will give us more insight on how to pray for it by broadening out prayer scope.

I knew there were probably hundreds of bible quiz books in what was a commercial city that had more than 10 prominent markets.

The books could have been bought anywhere or in any book store, but I prayed effectively during my prayer hours for my mom to buy me the exact book.

My mom eventually bought just three (3) of them for me. I carefully studied and crammed the quiz questions and answers but I did not stop reminding God about the quiz.

The quiz date was shifted and I lost two out of the three books. I later ended up preparing with one of the books as the new event date drew closer.

On the quiz day, I entered the event only to discover that all the questions came from one of the books my mom bought me and I answered 100% of the questions I was asked and won a huge sum of money.

The questions I did not know its answers were not given me. I ended up making my fellow quiz mates look like pagans. I did not tell them that I had already seen the questions and that I got it through prayers.

Brethren, prayer is the ultimate weapon. I see Christians of today sing: “praise is where I win my battle”. I am a hundred percent believer in the power of praise. God fills me with songs like He does others, but my most felt praises have come in prayer times.

I don’t preach against praise, it is one of the keys. However, prayer is the master key. A man who prays to God has proven to God that he is incapable of helping himself and God is in dire need such men.

A Christian should not embark on any journey without praying no matter how easy the journey may look. We must never make the mistake of taking a step without praying. We ought to live by prayers and die on our knees.

We must learn the principles of praying hours. Every child of God should have a time of prayer. If we are too busy in the day time, then we must make it in the night. There is no excuse! because only prayer will sustain the elects.

I majored in Telecommunications in High School. I prayed about it and God gave me the exact sign I had asked for before I took it up as a major. Majoring in telecommunications gave me zeal to learn web designing and blogging. Although I imagined making a living from it, when the appointed time came, it was clear that God had sent me to study telecommunication so that I can write to His church. And now, in these days of the Holy Ghost, God writes through me from this blog to Christians both young and small, old and tall, to live a life of prayer; because a prayer-less Christian and a prayer-less Church is dead.

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