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Idolatry in the Roman Catholic Church, and in some other Churches

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Disclaimer: I don’t write out of spite for any Church. For God knows that the Spirit He put in me wish for nothing else than, that all may come to know Him and also come to the knowledge of the truth. Not that I work it, but it is for this that Jesus Christ has sent me; to bear witness of the truth He has given me, that men who have been given grace may find God while there is time. Amen!

Indeed I saw online, a young man I believe to be a worshiper in the Roman Catholic Church who was bold in his belief of God but does not know God. For he said; “we just have to believe that He is real”. I refuted and told him that my experience is certain. I don’t just believe, I have experienced and known the Lord.

For this purpose I write, that we may certain for the reason men don’t find God. And also be certain for the reason why the Holy Spirit is far from some Churches and believers. For it is only the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus Christ. And if He lives in a man, that man will also know for certain, the person of Jesus Christ and of God. And his testimony about Jesus will be backed with experiences of power and grace. Amen!


One of the reasons why men don’t find God and cannot say yes to these questions is false worship. Any true worshipper ought to experience God beyond just a belief.

One of the reasons why revival has not come to the Catholics in all Christian History is the modalities of their worship; there is idolatry in it.


My dad talked about a friend of his who went to observe the service and communion of a Roman Catholic Church. After his observation, he went to the Priest and said unto him; “I am shocked that you have stayed so long in training and have studied the bible; but having known that these modalities of Catholicism are not scriptural or biblical, you still do them.”

The Catholic Priest replied and said; “You are right, but this is a thing that was handed over to us. We were born into it and can’t let go, easily.”

Therefore this Priest has already adjudged himself beforehand. For he has agreed that the Bible he carries like the mainstream of faith, He does not do its sayings. He agrees that his ways and the ways of Catholicism is far from the bible; so he has known the truth but has refused to follow it. Can such men find excuse before God on judgement? Judge for yourselves.

The bible talks about man made theologies, doctrines and dogma which are not of God in Matthew 15:9

The bible says that men who teach and worship in the “doctrines of men” worship God in vain.

Therefore if what we teach, preach, do, live out in our Christianity is not of the Bible, then it is all man made. Someone sat down at a time in history, thought it all out and enforced it upon the people. This is the whole truth; think about it.

Idolatry can be defined as the worship of idols; it can also be the worship of man-made gods. The worship of what man thinks is God or what he sees God in, which he had made for himself, especially if it is visible and made from what is created.

Idolatry is the reverence of objects with the belief that it carries some form of divinity in it.

It is also the thought that handicrafts or artifacts made with hands can offer what is exclusive to the living God who is a Spirit. Whereby God awaits men to come unto him directly to obtain favour and help in time of need (Hebrews 4:15-16); but men ask help and favour from things that seeth not, heareth not, but are mere clay and wood; It is idolatry.

Similarly, when men look unto artifacts in prayers, that the answer may come from it, it is idolatry.

When men think these things are things that protect them, that these things are the things that imply ‘God is with us’, it is idolatry.

It is written in Matthew 28:20 “..I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Jesus is already with Christians just like God and the angels were with Elisha and Gehazzi. We don’t need idols and rosaries to bring God’s presence. For God is already with us; it is idolatry.

Similarly, there are Pentecostals who practice idolatry by reverencing the pictures of their pastors, hanging them in their houses, homes, offices and trusts that it offers a level of divine protection, it is idolatry. Some believers would even pray before these pictures; It is pure idolatry.

There are others who trust in aprons, crosses and chains with cross as a though God dwells in them. Others think God dwells on stickers and that whatever their pastors give them would offer them protection. Any trust that is on a physical object and not on the spirit King- Jesus, is idolatry.

Elisha had the robe of Elijah with which He divided Jordan. Yet when He was faced by the Armies who came to take Him, He prayed to God directly that The Lord would open the eyes of his servant to see that those who are with them are greater than those against them. His trust for protection was not in the robe of a Man of God but solely on God. And because He knew the truth, even without the robe of Elijah, he wielded power.

The devil is smart. He remote controls men’s mind by programing us through Hollywood and TV shows that cross chains/necklaces will protect us. It is a lie; and if you put trust in these things, it is pure idolatry. Our protection is in the trust we have in God’s word and the power of Jesus Christ. Our protection in the blood of the Lamb and our safety is in the name of the Lord; so says the word of God.

For the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and they are safe. -Proverbs 18:10

When I was a kid, I would draw a cartoon character and hang it at the window area and convince myself that as I slept, it would protect me. As a kid God would overlook, but now I know that I practiced idolatry.

Idolatry is born from the lack of trust in the sufficiency of the spirit God. It is born out of the need to trust in what men can see other than the eternal Spirit king of whom Paul said, He cannot be found or live in what is made with the human hands. (Acts 17:24)

Even as the bible also agrees that God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.– John 4:24

Mostly, idolatry is born out of the lack of true knowledge and experience of God.

An instance is this; I have survived death worked against me by cultist through the true power of Jesus Christ my Lord.

Would I ever need to think that an idol can offer me such protection when I have it already?

Catholics praying to the Demon of Death Santa Muerte, seeking for protection against death.

Now, for those who trust in Rosary and pray to Santa Muerte(Demon of Death), Crucifix and other man-made objects to protect them, what would be their case if they are found without the object(s)? Who or what will protect them? Surely they do not even know how to pull down the power of God because they don’t know Him nor have an experience of His power nor can they wield the power of a true worshipper because their trust is in crucifix, rosary and idols. Their trust is in wooden artifacts that can rust and decay. Their trust is in what is made by hands instead of the powerful name of Jesus and the word of God.

Brethren it is written: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11

Christian victory is by the complete work of Jesus Christ and by knowing and testifying the word of God with faith. This is true and it is the pure word of God. The bible has not in a single page given idols, artifacts, mary’s idol, rosaries, or any other thing as protection to man.

For God has given us himself, but because they have not the Holy Spirit who becomes absent in the presence of sin, of which idolatry is a core offence, they resorted to trust in what can be seen with the eyes and even reverence them.

For this reason they hang their gods on their necks almost at all times and tend to have these things in many locations of both house and Church. They are looking for protection which can only come by close relationship with Jesus Christ and knowing Him as God in truth and spirit. Therefore it is true that lack of true knowledge of God causes men to trust in handicrafts and artifacts.

The second commandment is stated thus: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or idol“. But the Roman Catholic Church and Catholicism, is full of the idols of anything possible; from man, to what they think is God, to demons, to Jesus, Mary, Angels, Priests, Joseph, pure pagan idols and the idol of Baal in the Vatican City. Same idol for which the Lord God hunted Israel.

Certainly there is great disregard for God’s word and law when men do these things, and great dishonor when we read that He hates them and we do not try to adjust to His word.

Will God take blame if we have known the truth and have not acted unto it? Certainly not! Brethren judge yourselves. We must judge ourselves while we still have time. For before the Great and Just Judge, no defaulter will go unpunished.

In Exodus 20:4 The Bible says:

“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below”.

The passage means, ‘make nothing of any being in heaven; be it of God, Jesus, Angels or even the saints whom we believe are either with God somewhere up there’. ‘Make nothing of anything from the earth, which are humans, dead or alive’. ‘Make nothing of things in the waters’.

For whatever reason it is, brethren, God has instructed, make no image or idol.

Brethren, I would summarize this episode by letting you know that idolaters will never find and know God in the sin of idolatry. They may only have belief but will never know if what they believe is the truth. But we write these things because tremendous grace is available unto men for a return to pure biblical Christianity. Therefore if God shows any man mercy and grace to know these things, be quick to find God because time is not on our side.

I have seen a man who testified that he watched a man die in an accident putting on a Rosary. It was then he realized the deception- that what is made by human hands can protect men or has God in it.

Brethren it is idolatry to trust in anything other than the spirit God. And those who break the law of God, shall not be spared when all men stand before Christ.

There is a coming move of God and as usual, the Spirit will be far from idolaters. This is a life time opportunity for men to find God and be saved in truth. These are the true days of Pentecostal revival. God is beckoning on all Catholics and all idolaters in the Churches and He shall give grace to those who would come. For we must realize that all trust, prayer, belief, reverence and all requests must be made unto the one true spirit God and His Son Jesus Christ. Amen!

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