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I wish that we had tears that we may be truly saved

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In the presence of God men should tremble in fear. For He is a Holy God. Amen!

For this, I am not among those who see the presence of God in a church where there are no signs and wonders.

In a Christian gathering where men are not crying to obtain salvation, I don’t see the presence of God even if the pastor says: “the presence of God is here”.

I don’t see the presence of the Lord in a Church where men are speaking in tongues and no sinner is truly saved; I mean the sinners in the Church. For the overwhelming presence of the Holy Ghost convinces and convict sinners.

I don’t see a revival without tears and pain.

During the Hebrides revival, a story was told about a man who cried in his bedroom continuously and said: “Hell is too good for me”.

Now, where are those who would wait after everyone is gone from the camp meetings asking God in simple words: “Is there hope for me?”.

Where are those who would wait after the powerful sermon and pray: “Lord I am tired, I need to die so that I can live”. Where are they my brethren, where are the truly saved?

That Revival in which men are standing tall, taking pictures and smiling; oh! No Lord of the Harvest, send America and the nations not that kind of Revival.

When Revival comes as surely as the Lord God who has zeal for the Church has promised to do if we pray, we will witness what it means to truly be in the presence of the God of Israel who must be feared.

Someone said to me: It is great that you have yearning for this revival. I replied immediately; “I don’t have the yearning, It is God who has it”.

As the least among all Christians, I have only been privileged to know that zeal to help the Church rise again runs through the veins of my God day and night, like the birth pains of Calvary.

One of the reasons why men come to the altar and go back the same is because there was no rebirth at the altar.

There is pain before a child can be born. So must there be pain for our sinful nature for genuine salvation to be seen in us. It might not come all at once but when the Holy Ghost starts His work, tears flow and hearts are melted.

Most people at the altar are confessing sins they have done prior to the preaching. They are not crying because of how weak they are to overcome sin.

When we start to sorrow and cry for our inability to please God, I tell you my brethren, salvation will come.

We must be fast to do away with painless salvation and painless rebirth. I believe in the joy of salvation but it is after a man is born. Just like there is no joy until the child is born and the woman is safe.

When we discover our sins, even for those who have accepted Jesus, we must bend down and weep for we are all weak.

Weep and seek genuine salvation and see the sanctification power of the Lord Jesus through the Spirit of grace. Amen!

The first time I experienced true salvation and rebirth I cried profusely in church. Till today I know not why I was weeping on my knees lifting up my hands unto my only God.

I had spoken in fleshy tongues before then like majority of tongues speakers do, and yes I was not living in sin but ‘Fleshy tongues’ I call them now because I never knew that a born again should not feel human. I mean, I was human but never felt human because something different happened and I knew it.

If we say we are truly born again and cannot tell what it means for the great God to dwell in us, we must go back and die a second time. Because when the Power of God comes upon a man, he will know, absolutely.

Oh! Christian man, I wish we had tears and pains. I wish we had tears instead of joy for our inability to please God. I wish our walk out to the altar was to experience true salvation and deliverance from the yoke of sin.

Alas! “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved”Jeremiah 8:20

Jordan Voices, my God is calling. He is calling for men who need to be washed white. He is calling for the unwashed and weak Christians to perfect salvation in them. But only those who seek Him genuinely will find Him.

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