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Be vigilant Christian, darkness reinvents itself against the people

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For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. Isaiah 60:2

The above statement of Isaiah is futuristic, and it is very prophetic. It is a prophecy, foretelling a time of gross darkness that shall come upon the people of the earth. A time pitch darkness shall defile men who are not for God, but in those days, God’s glory and light shall be upon “thee(God’s people)”; Amen!!

Surely my brethren, darkness has been growing through the ages, and from time to time wax strong.

After the Eden fall, the activity of Satan was not so discussed in the bible until we were told that he led David to sin; and then the bible continued to unveil him and his deceitfulness.

Things are not as it was from the start of this world. Spiritually and Physically, there continues to be tremendous changes, but our God changeth not.

The devil has learnt and re-learnt his moves through the ages, and he has become even more effective and efficient in his deceitful works. Even so has the darkness grown over the years, and many men and women continue to wake into it.

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep

He probably did not explain this statement to men, but the wisdom of God teaches that he became exposed to secrete things of darkness when many still lacked knowledge of it.

One day, I was shown an evil spirit violently causing men to fall into darkness, causing them to experience the depths of Satan.

Brethren, there were times men who don’t know God could live without the experience of darkness, but now it has become impossible. All it takes is the absence of the Holy Spirit and the darkness lurks.

There were times sons of men needed to physically be initiated into darkness, but now, initiations are done by spirits, even of dangerous men and women.

There were times they enchant men, but now, once a man is dead in prayer, he is dead in spirit.

There were times eating in the dream was for them that hunger, but now, many people eat food in the dream and their spiritual life is weakened and many are defeated.

Sometimes, men who serve darkness would place a spiritual meal right before you and when you sleep they’ll manipulate you to eat them unconsciously. Just for you to become weakened and fall into darkness. This God has opened my eyes to see.

I tell you the truth brethren, many Church people are in darkness; and many that have been pulled down, instead of fighting to be freed, many fight to graft in more people. But they shall only succeed on careless and unserious Church goers.

Many, many men of God, many pastors, many pulpit men, many altar men are in darkness.

A woman narrated how she visited the wife of a Pastor and was offered garden egg as cola. As she prayed for that food, she saw a man who stood close and opened her spiritual eyes to a strand of hair in that garden egg. DARKNESS!!

This calls for great carefulness and trust in God, only. If a Christian man is led by the Spirit, He shall guide him closely against the forces of this dark age, and against wicked altar men. Believers who are led by the Spirit of God are the true sons of God, they will overcome.

Trust no one brethren, trust no man; but the Spirit of God, Him only you shall trust. This is why I stress this, that a Christian must do all it takes to find God.

The bible says we must be born again through God’s Spirit. It is not optional, it is a command; the first command of a Christian man. And any Church which does not focus on this, any denomination which does not focus on helping you build a relationship with the Spirit of God who shall help you stand for God in this last days, leave that Church.

There is prophecy, there is deliverance, there is healing and miracles, but the first assignment of a true man of God must be to show us the Lord and to make us know and retain Him in our hearts.

There is darkness in the hearts of many in the Church. So do not be deceived when you see men pray. Don’t say, “this brother is a powerful Christian” because he can pray. Do not say, “this man is a true worshiper” because he has tongues.

Many pray in the day and at night they do evil. And many do the works of darkness even while they claim to pray. They want to fool others without knowledge that they fool themselves even more, because God’s judgement shall begin with the Christian Church. Has the Lord not shown me wickedness amongst men?

I was in a dream and the Lord made me know that a woman who was part of the staffing of a school which a relative of mine attends has taking him somewhere in the spirit realm. We prayed, and delivered that young child and the Lord showed it, even also.

Kids are not entirely safe, because the devil is working hard. He is doing everything possible to destroy the people of God.

Do I not know a Child who was pulled into darkness through cartoon movie? Have I not heard of shapeshifting amongst kids and of which one bragged that she could become a rat?

Satan’s agents are everywhere working to bring us down to the pit. They have hijacked every system, but cannot hijack the Church of God. For Lord has sworn that the gates of hell shall not overcome his Church. However, only those who want to be kept will be kept.

Therefore we must be vigilant, watchful and not careless. We must not be ignorant of the vices of Satan the enemy who does not rest but re-strategizes and goes about looking for whom to devour(1 Peter 5:8).

If the enemy does not rest, why should a Christian who hopes for heaven be caroused with the world, and live in luke-warmness and gross coldness? Why should vigil prayers and corporate prayers die in the Church?

The point is this, if a Christian man is weak and empty of the Spirit’s counsel, how shall he know when darkness approaches?

If a Christian family is void of the living presence of God, how would they know when the devil creeps into their home?

If a Christian Church is prayer-less, weak, sinful and slothful, who shall reveal the secrete things to them? How shall they know when agents of darkness will creep into their Churches and capture many?

Therefore, message me that lukewarm Christian who is asleep in Zion. Message me that Christian who plays with sin and clings unto grace. Convey this message to that slumbering, unconsecrated Christian who has not separated himself from the world.

Tell him that darkness shall cover the earth, and it shall consume the people; but the glory of God shall remain upon his true servants who serve Him in truth and in spirit; having let go of the world, and are concentrated unto their God in watchfulness and vigilance.

And if you see that Christian man who walks darkness and seeks the light, tell him to rebuild his praying altar and restore a living relationship with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. For thus says the Lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered; Amen!

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