Born as a Levite, Ogba Victor is a student Pastor and a full member of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria under the Aba District. Ogba Victor is a trained electrical/electronics engineer, a web designer, graphics designer, gifted teacher, digital marketer, social media strategist, growth hacker, content developer, IT technician with knowledge in blockchain and smart contract development. However, it was the will of God that all efforts be channeled towards his eternal plan for the earth. Indeed, now I count everything as loss to the world but gain unto the advancement of God's kingdom because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. As a bond servant of Christ through the ministry of the Spirit unto the Churches, I preach, write and sing nothing but what the Lord has for the Churches. So therefore, see them as a message from God. And when you listen to or read them, get the message and apply wisdom.

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Victory in the storm' is the first track among other Spirit given powerful Christian songs. Victory in the storm is a message to the Church. It is a message to Christians, It is a message to believers who are passing through turbulent times. Unlike the regular worship song, this song takes us back to the days we sang songs with deep meaning. Click to download.


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